LTR102 - Published Finally!

LTR102 - Published Finally!

Hello Everyone,

This a short blog post to announce I have finally published my second book after several years of work. I have spent nearly five writing it; like my first one, it follows the path of getting into and progressing in the industry, while LTR101 was focused on bug bounties and pentesting.

However, this book focuses on a broader range of topics. It gives an insight into the different areas of information security to help you focus your efforts on other areas and hopefully give you more of an understanding of the different areas.

It also covers some quick tips and tricks to help you along the early path in your career, with lessons learned throughout mine and others. I set out to create a guide for those starting out and show them that there are more routes into security than pentesting and hacking (which is overly focused on a lot of the time).

Hopefully, you will learn from my mistakes and improve your handle on different topics, with a greater understanding of the different areas of security that exist and where you can traverse into the field.

Every day is a school day; try to learn new things, or if you can help others, pay it forward and teach folks new things.

If you would like to pick up a copy, it can be found here:

There are a few other folks I'd like to thank specifically who have supported me over the years and have reached out for help, I have mentored a lot of folks, and equally, I have learned a lot from them; they are the future of the industry and I hope that they go on to pass their knowledge onto those who are new to them.

Finally, thank you to you, the reader of my blog, my first book and just for the general support. It means a lot to be this the first post you are reading or the 100th; I appreciate everyone who reads my content.

  • Paul Mason - I have dedicated this book to Paul in his memory as he was one of the first people whom I met in this industry, and he taught me a lot of the fundamentals of what I know today. Sadly in 2020, Paul passed away, but he left a legacy of education for the masses, and I hope to carry that on by helping educate the new waves of people coming to this industry. Paul always supported me in learning new things and striving to push forward with paying it forward. He often rang me on an evening with obscure technical problems, and we worked through them together. A few of my blog posts have been based on discussions he and I have had.
  • Chris Sutherland - Chris and I speak frequently, he is a great friend of mine, and I am forever learning from his mistakes in life. He has offered lots of advice throughout my career, a lot of which has helped shape my career for the better; his career has been very CISO and regulatory-focused but with a technical, historical backing, and his insight into the business world has helped me a lot with writing this and developing a better approach to situations.
  • John Carroll - John and I speak on a near-daily basis about everything and anything, but one thing that John does really well is challenging my understanding of topics. He has also given me a lot of perspective on everything ranging from adversarial architecture to risk-based controls in businesses and everything in between.
  • Dave Manuel - Dave is why I started writing initial LTR101 posts, so you have him to thank for the first book and subsequent motivation, he and I run Weegiecast, and he is such a great pal. One of the most motivated individuals I know who is eager to learn new things all the time, which is a great, really great encouragement for me to write more and explain complex topics in a digestible manner.
  • Paul Ritchie - I talk about Paul a lot, as he was one of the people who gave me my first big break into the industry. Paul taught me many of the basics that I know today, and he gave me a lot of advice throughout my early years and continues to give me advice on a multitude of topics. He is why I got my first job; you can blame him for my force upon nature!
  • Morgan/Mormaid - Like the others above, Morgan has provided me with a lot of support and general life advice while being a great pal. She also proofread some of LTR102 as help which is greatly appreciated.