A Minor Update - No Blog Posts for a While!

A Minor Update - No Blog Posts for a While!

Readers of ZSEC and my Twitter feed,

A quick message/explanation. I have published my last two blog posts for a while as I am working on my second book;

LTR102 which is almost complete but as I write a lot on a fortnightly basis there will not be any blog posts till that is published. So, the blog is not dead more that I have repositioned my focus on next book first!

In the meantime while I write book 2, a teaser for the first chapter can be found here:

My blog posts from 2021 can all be found here too:

My final two blog posts of 2021 are also available here:

Thanks for reading and if anyone has any requests or suggestions of things to write about in mid-2022, I am all ears once LTR102 is published. Pre-order it here.